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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

International Women's Day in Bangladesh

The recognition of the International Women's Day gives a chance to take supply of the advances made and mishaps endured by the nation's ladies. Against the background of relentless oppression ladies in all areas, the UN-proclaimed topics of the day (March 08) this year, 'Ladies in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50:50 by 2030' and 'Equivalent Rights for Women and Men in Economy with Commitment to Building a 50:50 Planet', as reported by Bangladesh Mahila Parishad (Bangladesh Women's Council), can't be more suitable in the Bangladesh setting.

Disregarding progressive governments' awesome guarantees to lift ladies out of the bog of bunch ills, those have to a great extent remained undelivered. Amid the most recent one decade or thereabouts, notwithstanding, ladies here have possessed the capacity to make their nearness felt in the territory of monetary exercises. Advancements are happening for provincial ladies in the field of their confidence and salary era. Bangladeshi ladies have for quite a while been exhibiting their solid resolve and capacities to leave the destitution trap. Their partners in the urban communities and towns don't fall behind. The quantity of urban ladies on business moves keeps on ascending, with pass rate of young ladies in real open and advanced education examinations outperforming past records. In the meantime, city-focused ladies business has been molding into a reality.

Despite such improvements, ladies are yet to be generously invited to both country and urban financial exercises. Rejection and male control administer the perch on many numbers. Despite the fact that it sounds unpalatable, the fact of the matter is the state bolster has regularly vacillated to coordinate the desire of ladies, particularly in the country zones. Had the crevice not been topped off by non-government associations (NGOs) through offering miniaturized scale credit, immense quantities of these ladies would have still remained stalled in the awful neediness cycle. There are many risks that keep on blighting the lives of ladies on the social plain in this nation. Principal among them is brutality against them and loads of different mistreatments. Given the obviously unending spate of rapes on ladies and young lady youngsters took after by vicious killings in cases, the country is concealed by a miasmic sorrow. The savage and shabby treatment of ladies by guys in the public eye in the long run makes the activities went for taking them to the entryway of liberation exasperatingly aimless. It is just the echoes of talk that fill the air, with ladies being pushed into void. Uncommon days highlighting the situation of ladies can't change their parcel overnight, however these events do give a medium to discharge their repressed grievances.

Generally Bangladesh has for a long time been a land worshiping and regarding ladies. Moms here assume a chief part in the family. The spoil of criticizing ladies in the family and society is a moderately late improvement. It is stunning to see the unabated endowment related passings of ladies because of a segment of spouses. Mercilessness dispensed to ladies apparently has a considerable measure to do with a very unpredictable blend of degenerate qualities and profound situated orthodoxies. This calls for multi-pronged activities to guarantee ladies' strengthening and their successful joining into the nation's advancement standard as equivalent accomplices of their male partners.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Invest in skills to nurture ICT manufacturing

ICT Bangladesh

Almost 400,000 individuals went to a weekend ago's Bangladesh ICT Expo at Bangabandhu International Conference Center.

The abnormal state of open intrigue appeared in the three-day exhibit looks good for activities meaning to open the financial capability of the IT area.

In his inaugural discourse, the arranging priest highlighted the administration's designation of Tk8,000 crore to build new ICT parks and new monetary zones like the Hi-Tech stop as of now being produced in Gazipur. He communicated trusts that Bangladesh can gain $5 billion through computerized sends out by 2021.

The expo coordinators are more right than wrong to set striking focuses for new interest in assembling and improvement into the nation. Bangladesh Computer Samity focuses to reports by the Japan External Trade Organization, highlighting the intensity of Bangladesh's low generation costs.

With our own quick growing residential market and Bangladeshi brands like Walton as of now putting firmly in assembling, there is a genuine prospect of Bangladesh turning into an alluring goal for interest in ICT fabricating, rather than simply being a client nation and gathering area.

For such desire to be satisfied, be that as it may, the administration needs to perceive that aggressive expenses and motivating forces are not by any means the only fixings required for achievement.

Interest in IT aptitudes improvement and research is fundamental to acknowledge arrangements to end up distinctly a product center point and assembling base.

A gifted and capable workforce is basic to maintain the mastery required for ICT programming and assembling to thrive.

Interest in higher innovation assembling ought to run as one with building a more grounded R&D division crosswise over industry and colleges.

By deliberately enhancing aptitudes and empowering coordinated effort on preparing, focuses of brilliance can develop to goad interest in innovation drove organizations and make the employments the economy needs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day 2017

Do you think about the History of International Mother Language Day? Why February 21 was picked? Global Mother Language Day started as the worldwide acknowledgment of Language Movement Day, which has been remembered in Bangladesh (in the past East Pakistan) since 1952 when various Dhaka college understudies were killed by the Pakistani police and armed force in Dhaka amid the Bengali Language Movement. This is the main occasion where individuals give their lives to keep the freedom of utilizing their mom dialect. To recollect that them there is a landmark named Language Martyr's Monument (Shahid Minar) in Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Consistently more than a million people give blossoms there. This is a major occasion in Bangladesh. Numerous nonnatives visit Bangladesh just to encounter the method for Bangladeshi individuals offer regard to those overcome hearts. In each area of Bangladesh has a Language Martyr's Monument, where neighborhood individuals offer bloom to recollect those overcome hearts. Dialect Martyr's Monument is the likewise inherent Ikebukuro stop of Tokyo-Japan, USA, UK, Italy and numerous different nations. Visit us at online blackjack. If you don't mind consider your Mother Language on February 21 as well as in different days. On the off chance that you didn't find out about Bengali or Bangla before then for your data: With almost 230 million aggregate speakers, Bengali is the sixth most talked dialect on the planet. Managed by Bangla Academy, Bangladesh.

Friday, February 10, 2017



India versus Bangladesh, one-off Test: Five Bangladesh players to keep an eye out for

Here are a portion of the Bangladesh cricket group stars who will undoubtedly become well known.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Syria war: Russian 'well disposed fire' slaughters Turkish troopers

President Vladimir Putin has sent sympathies after a Russian air strike coincidentally slaughtered three Turkish fighters in northern Syria.
Turkish powers have been working with Syrian renegades to take al-Bab from IS activists

Join cases: Khaleda skips hearing, date concededbbc


BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia avoided the hearing on the two altruistic trust unites cases on Thursday driving the court to defer the date of hearing.

Abu Ahmed Jamadar, the judge of Dhaka's third exceptional court, has now settled February 16 as the following date of hearing.

Prior, on Wednesday, Khaleda requested off in High Court to change the court communicating absence of trust in the judge.

On Thursday, the BNP boss' legal counselors argued to the court to concede the becoming aware of Khaleda Zia's announcement referring to her ailment and the request of pending with the High Court.

Judge Jamadar, whose court is as of now attempting Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust join cases, acknowledged the supplication and rescheduled the hearing.

Zia Charitable Trust unit case

On August 8, 2011, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) documented the case with Tejgaon Police Station denouncing four individuals, including Khaleda Zia, of misusing 3 crores 15 lakh 43 thousand takes which were given to the trust.

Aside from Khaleda, the other three charged for the situation are Harris Chowdhury, Khaleda's political secretary amid BNP's last term in power; Ziaul Islam Munna, individual secretary of Harris Chowdhury and acting executive (security and activity) of BIWTA of that time and Monirul Islam Khan, individual secretary of the then DCC leader Sadek Hossain Khoka.

Examination officer Harunur Rashid squeezed charges against the four on January 16, 2012.

At that point on March 19, 2013, continuing for the situation started in the wake of arraigning the four charged.

As of not long ago, proclamations of 32 observers for the situation have been heard by the court.

Among the charged, Ziaul Islam Munna and Monirul Islam has submitted composed proclamations of their self-preservation to the court.

Then again, Harris Chowdhury is slipping off since the start of the case.

Zia Orphanage Trust unit case

The Zia Orphanage Trust unite case was documented by the ACC on July 3, 2008.

For the situation, they denounced six individuals, including Khaleda Zia, of stealing 2 crores 10 lakh 71 thousand 671 takas from the trust finance.

After essential examination, the ACC squeezed charges against the denounced on August 5, 2009.

On March 19, 2014, Basudeb Roy, judge of Dhaka's Special Judge Court-3, requested the start of argument procedures subsequent to encircling charges against them.

Among the blamed, Khaleda Zia, previous Magura MP Kazi Salim Haque Kamal and dealer Shorfuddin Ahmed is on safeguard.

Tarique Rahman, the eldest child of Khaleda, is in the UK.

The other two – previous boss secretary Dr. Kamal Uddin Siddiqui and Major Ziaur Rahman's nephew Mominur Rahman – is slipping away since the start of the case.
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